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JCI Sheffield 2019 Plan of Impact


2019 is a uniquely exciting prospect for JCI Sheffield as the Chamber enters its 92nd year for a number of compelling reasons.  Firstly, the launch of the JCI Global 2019 – 2023 Strategic Plan marks 2019 as the beginning of a new era of accelerated transformation throughout JCI locally, nationally and internationally.  Secondly, a survey conducted by Deloitte and cited by the World Economic Forum found that some 84% of millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) “consider it their duty to improve the world.”  Thirdly, on a local level, a number of initiatives are being launched in Sheffield to promote economic growth and leadership in the city and wider region.  Sheffield also has a rich history of active citizenship as it is home to some 3,300 active voluntary and community groups, which generate around £810m for Sheffield’s economy.  By comparison, our city’s two universities generate revenue of around £878m. 

Sheffield as a city is beginning, perhaps for the first time, to fully understand and articulate its modern identity as one that is markedly different from other UK cities.  It is within this new environment of fresh thinking, budding confidence and transformation in our city on so many levels that JCI Sheffield looks set to make an incredible impact in 2019 and beyond.  I believe that JCI Sheffield is uniquely capable of nurturing and growing the talents of young people (aged 18-40) in our city. 

As ever, JCI Sheffield continues to honour the global JCI mission and vision of “providing development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change” in order to become the “leading global network of young active citizens.”  In 2019 and beyond, JCI Sheffield will go above and beyond its duty in order to create a network of epic active young citizens who Step Up to create positive transformation in themselves, the Chamber and, most importantly, the local community.

I joined JCI because of the exceptional personal and professional development opportunities it provides to help members take action on the issues that matter to them, because of its unparalleled programme of international events and also because of the chance it offers to engage in international public service right from my home city.  Not many people join JCI Sheffield with the expectation of becoming a leader or President, and I was no different.  However, JCI worked its magic somewhere along the way (as it does) and here I am, two and a half years after I joined, setting out a Plan of Action as JCI Sheffield’s 2019 Local President.  I believe that JCI is one of the most remarkable organisations in the world.  JCI Sheffield certainly did help me Step Up and #BeEPIC.  Now I will empower others to do the same.

It is my intention that in 2019, JCI Sheffield will undergo transformation and emerge as a renewed and revived organisation, fully dedicated to understanding and serving the needs of young people in Sheffield.  This transformation will also ensure that JCI Sheffield celebrates its 100th anniversary in the city and far beyond.  JCI Sheffield will provide the step-changes required for its members to create the transformed future they see for themselves and others.  By 31 December 2019, JCI Sheffield will achieve the goal of having a membership base of 100+ active and engaged members who are the heart and soul of our Chamber.  Our local JCI Sheffield members will be empowered with the confidence and skills and so that they can Step Up and #BeEPIC leaders in their lives and the community around them.

In 2019, JCI Sheffield will transform member engagement, transform membership levels, and transform its digital presence.

The 2019 JCI Sheffield Plan of Impact has been prepared on the basis of insights and findings from:


  • JCI European Growth & Development Academy
  • JCI European (Leadership) Academy
  • JCI Global 2019-2023 Strategic Plan
  • JCI Local Action Guide – How to Build a
    Sustainable JCI Local Organisation
  • JCI UK 2019 Plan of Impact – Step Up
  • JCI UK 2018 National Membership Survey
  • JCI Sheffield 2018/9 Local Membership Survey
  • 2018 Yorkshire RISE Intern Survey…


Transform member engagement

JCI Sheffield’s current members are our most valuable asset and greatest ambassadors.  In 2019, our members will be (re-)energised to
Step Up and #BeEPIC in line with JCI’s 5 areas of opportunity – business, community, training, international & social.

Impact – Use the Active Citizen Framework, JCI award criteria, UN Sustainable Development Goals and JCI UK/Sheffield National Plans of Action to empower members to organise & lead locally-inspired projects •  Share the framework necessary for members to Step Up as leaders and create transformational projects in the community  •  Use market research as a basis for creating projects relevant to members as well as the city of Sheffield  •  Host a £5 Business/Community challenge to grow the confidence of members to initiate impactful business/community projects  •  Use Chamber events to help members find a sense of purpose and direction  •

Motivate – Re-energise & re-engage and our current members by conducting one-to-one market research to understand how JCI Sheffield can better serve them  •  Conduct formal & informal market research at regular intervals to offer events and training that best serve our members • Re-assure our members that each one of them remains a valued asset to the Chamber as it grows  •  Engage members in recruitment strategies to increase word-of-mouth referrals  • Create a buddy system to empower members to participate in official Chamber activities  •  Use the JCI UK Pathways document to re-energise current members & support new member engagement  •   Encourage members to support each other  • Create an induction program to support a new member’s first year  •  Encourage members to attend National Board weekends •  Encourage and empower members to take action beyond their comfort zone  •  Promote attendance of national and international JCI events •

Invest – Provide training in response to local demands from current JCI Sheffield members (and RISE interns)  •  Provide consistent training on the third Tuesday of the month (Training Tuesday)  •  Highlight each training session’s relevance in terms of long-term member development and the JCI mission  •  Explain JCI at each training session, especially when new members attend •  Regularly offer members  opportunities to be involved with the Chamber at varying levels of engagement   •  Offer engagement opportunities to our members first  •  Promote the JCI Yorkshire Bursary Scheme •  Investigate the possibility of creating a bursary scheme exclusively for JCI Sheffield members • Invest in developing closer relations between members & official Chamber leadership  •  Offer regular opportunities for members to have a voice in the Chamber decisions that affect them •  Invest in local social enterprises through the Small Grants Scheme • Develop handover materials to fully support the incoming Deputy President  •  Invest my belief and confidence in members that they can achieve epic •

Collaborate – Foster the development of closer relations with JCI members nationally and internationally • Revise and refresh the JCI Sheffield-Mayo twinning partnership •  Host the 2019 twinning event at an international location to be confirmed  •  Empower members to (co-) organise events and/or train at the JCI Sheffield-Mayo international twinning event  •  Consistently leave the second and fourth weeks of the month free for members to collaborate, organise and lead projects  •

Connect – Regularly communicate Chamber news & activities •  Give previews of Chamber news to our members  •  Foster friendships and an inclusive community through regular social activities  •  Hold monthly social events on the first Monday of the month (Monthly Monday Mingle) to foster a greater sense of connection within the Chamber  •  Develop collaborative member relationships as a basis for empowering members to initiate projects  •  Connect local training events with national Academies •

Transform membership growth


The most recent estimates show that Sheffield has a population of 569,000, which is projected to rise to 620,000 by 2039.  Additionally, there is a “clear bulge” in the 20-24 age range caused by inward international migration as well as the fact that, since 2016, more births than deaths have been registered in the city.  It is exactly the right time for new and current JCI Sheffield members to Step Up and #BeEPIC as the demographic conditions are ideal for Chamber to thrive now and in the future.  Additionally, membership growth means growing our membership figures as well as growing each member’s potential.

Impact – Implement the use of sales techniques to spur an increase in JCI Sheffield’s membership levels • Introduce the membership growth strategies taught in JCI Nice (France)’s Simply Selling JCI training, which led to a 3-fold increase in membership in 12 months   •  Liaise with local JCI Senators to create a bursary scheme that provides value for both targeted new members as well as the Chamber  • Use market research to identify and recruit new members who enrich the JCI Sheffield community

Motivate – Offer a consistent and well-rounded program of events (Monthly Monday Mingle and Training Tuesday)  in order to attract new members •  Develop a consistent marketing strategy to promote Chamber events •  Offer ad-hoc events to give as many members as possible the chance to engage with the Chamber’s program  •  Use the Monthly Monday Mingle to attract new members as it empowers them to be consistently active, engaged and in a positive mindset at the beginning of the week/month  •  Empower new and current members by directly asking them to step into personal growth opportunities  • Foster personal growth amongst members to empower them to advocate for the issues in their life and in their community that are important to them  •  Design all Chamber activity in line with the overarching aim of encouraging the personal growth of our members •

Invest – Re-imagine how JCI Sheffield secures the talents of young people in our city as well as our members  •  Advertise for members who possess specific skillsets e.g. event planner, data analyst, blog writer, marketer on recruitment sites such as Charity Job and Indeed at no cost to the Chamber due to its voluntary status • Invite current members to recommend themselves as individuals with specific skillsets  •  Promote 2020 Chamber board roles internally and externally •  Prepare JCI Sheffield members to take on a local/national role in 2020 and beyond •

Collaborate – Develop strategic partnerships with organisations that have a vested interest in developing young people e.g. Sheffield City Region Growth Hub, Sheffield City Council, Sheffield University, Sheffield Hallam University, TechStars, local social enterprises & local businesses so that JCI Sheffield achieves the aim of being the organisation that “unites all sectors of society to create sustainable impact” •  Collaborate with young local leaders & help them amplify their impact through JCI Sheffield membership  •  Expand & grow the diversity of our membership base  •  Foster member confidence in their own ideas •  Hold Chamber discussions in line with Thinking Partnership principles  •

Connect – Use member stories from JCI Sheffield, JCI UK & around the world to motivate prospects to become members  •  Create a local Sheffield survey to help identify the issues that are important to young people in Sheffield  •  Have current members create locally-relevant projects & initiatives as a call to action for new members to join  •  Connect with National Secretariat to delegate tasks in order to ensure that membership growth is fully supported  •  Foster connections with key mentors and subject experts locally, nationally and internationally  •  Connect with & recruit new trainers for local training events  •  Partner with 108 The Moor for the benefit of both organisations  •

Transform JCI Sheffield’s digital presence


Part of the reason that JCI Sheffield is not currently enjoying the level of membership that it deserves is because it has not adequately communicated its relevance to young people today.  JCI Sheffield’s digital presence will therefore be radically overhauled to ensure that it communicates its incredible capacity to empower members to Step Up and #BeEPIC to transform their lives and their communities.

Impact – Encourage consistent engagement of current and new members through new ways of using the Chamber’s digital resources  •  Review JCI Sheffield’s digital presence to ensure that its corporate accounts communicate a consistent message  •  Communicate a clear message on JCI Sheffield’s landing pages that JCI Sheffield is a membership organisation that is open to new recruits, alongside a summary of membership benefits  •  Develop the newly-relaunched local website  •  Focus on LinkedIn as an ideal environment to identify and recruit ambitious and committed new members  •

Motivate – Motivate current members to remain engaged & new members to join by developing a strong sense of community online that moves offline • Promote JCI’s (inter)national events on JCI Sheffield’s corporate social media accounts •   Ensure that the marketing for non-local JCI events is visually consistent with marketing of Chamber’s local line-up to highlight the connection and potential for personal growth with the wider national & global JCI organisation •

Invest – Invest in a JCI Sheffield Meetup account and create a group named “Sheffield 20’s & 30’s Transformation Network” to identify & recruit new members who are actively looking for ways to constructively spend their free time  •  Communicate JCI Sheffield’s events well in advance to a digital community of people on Meetup who are actively looking for ways to move offline and personally engage in our local event program  •  Promote Chamber events in advance to help members be able to invest their time in the Chamber, and also to generate revenue from non-member ticket sales  •

Collaborate – Create an environment of digital collaboration by launching the JCI Sheffield Member Zone on Facebook • Use the Member Zone to discuss potential project ideas to encourage attendance at face-to-face events •  Foster connection in the Member Zone between JCI Sheffield members that ultimately move offline to create impact at a local level •  Use the Member Zone as a space for members to gain confidence and develop themselves in an exceptionally safe environment  •  Gain member feedback in the Member Zone in real time and use it to inform future planning and increase engagement  •  Broadcast live and recorded training sessions in the Member Zone to grant JCI Sheffield members access to talented trainers around the UK and beyond  •  Offer members access to online training in their own time  •

Connect – Use social media as part of a wider strategy to create a greater sense of community between JCI Sheffield members • Clearly define JCI Sheffield’s ideal member beyond the basic membership requirements  •  Design JCI Sheffield’s marketing communications on the basis of the re-defined ideal member in order to (re-)connect with members and prospects, and provide them with compelling reasons to join/remain members of JCI Sheffield  •  Review all marketing copy and strategy on the basis of how well it “speaks to” the wants, needs and aspirations of JCI Sheffield’s re-defined ideal member  •  Connect with JCI’s European Digital Transformation team to ensure that the Chamber is at the leading edge of digital transformation within the global organisation  •  Advertise (internally and externally) for specific member interest/skills in technology  •


The future for JCI Sheffield, its members and beyond


The 2019 JCI Sheffield Plan of Impact was inspired by the leadership of JCI members in the UK and around the world, including: JCI USA, JCI Philippines, JCI Romania, JCI Sweden, JCI South Africa, JCI Monaco, JCI Ireland, JCI Denmark, JCI Malaysia, JCI Finland, JCI Poland, JCI France, JCI Turkey, JCI Germany and JCI Latvia, amongst others.  In 2019 and beyond, JCI Sheffield will continue to build on the JCI spirit of (inter)national collaboration, cooperation and friendship to motivate our local members to #BeEPIC.

Achieving JCI Sheffield’s ambitious 2019 Plan of Impact involves transforming what I believe is possible for myself, transforming what I believe is possible for the Chamber, and the Chamber’s members transforming what they believe is possible for themselves.  In 2019, I remain dedicated to developing myself through JCI and external training events so that I am better able to serve JCI Sheffield, its membership and the wider city.  We must all come together to create a Chamber that works for everyone, a city that works for everyone.

JCI Sheffield’s current and incoming membership will be empowered to Step Up and #BeEPIC so that we can create the transformation that will see 2019 end with a thriving Chamber of over 100 active and engaged members who have created phenomenal and lasting impact in the city of Sheffield.  By the end of 2019, JCI Sheffield will be the Chamber to Step Up and set a shining example of a local JCI organisation making the “impossible” real.

Together, we can all Step Up and #BeEPIC.


Lucy Collins

JCI Sheffield 2019 Local President
Champion of JCI Member EPIC-ness   

[email protected]


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JCI Sheffield 2019 Plan of Impact – #BeEPIC