Happy Volunteers Week – thank you for helping to make an awesome impact in Sheffield

Happy Volunteers Week – thank you for helping to make an awesome impact in Sheffield

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Its easy to think of charity donations in financial terms, but donating your time through volunteering to community projects is just as valuable a contribution to an organization or cause as any financial donation. Volunteering also has many benefits on a personal level including learning new skills, gaining new experiences, meeting new people and building relationships as well as the all important ‘feel good’ factor that comes from giving your time and talents.

The Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a not for profit voluntary organisation that is all about inspiring young active citizens to make an impact.  At JCI Sheffield, we have a very active ‘community’ program for members to get involved in.  This year we are supporting two main charities: 1) The Cathedral Archer project that supports homeless people in the City and 2) INAS, the International Association of Sport who are based in Sheffield but work in over 70 nations around the world and aim to encourage and support people with intellectual disabilities to get involved with Olympic sports.

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If you would like to get involved with our activities to support these charities, or any of our other community projects (such as the small grants program – read about last years scheme here) please get in touch with 2016 President Gareth Carson.

The hours donated by our membership spent on our projects or indeed volunteering opportunities external from JCI can also be logged as part of the JCI UK Active Citizen Experience (ACE) Project.

JCI Sheffield is ACE!!

At the heart of JCI is the ethos to be an active citizen and to make a local impact. Several years ago, JCI UK launched a volunteering project on a national level under the name “ACE” – Active Citizen Experience, to recognise those members who went a bit further and actively got involved in their local community.

ACE is a community hours project where JCI Members can register their volunteer hours. Members are awarded bronze, silver and gold certificates (according to the hours logged) in recognition of their efforts. The certificates are awarded at national events by the National President and National Community Director.

Bronze 10 hours

Silver 20 hours

Gold 30 hours

Any type of volunteering is eligible for ACE – JCI Sheffield would love our members to achieve as many certificates as possible this year.

All you need to do click here to register your volunteering hours.

In the meantime, on behald of JCI Sheffield, THANK YOU!

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Mark Smith

2016 Immediate Past President

JCI Sheffield




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