The Big 4 Sleep Out Challenge for [email protected]

The Big 4 Sleep Out Challenge for [email protected]

October 27, 2014 9:04 am Published by Leave your thoughts

So another 2014s Big Sleep Outs are now over for another year there has been great support at these again so too everyone who has taken part or volunteered Great work and hopefully see you next year!

This year I challenged myself to take part in all 4 Sleep Outs. Having thought hard about my experience of the cold and rain from Rotherham last year and how much worse that would have been having been any less prepared. So in typical JCI Fashion I thought how could I do more? So I decided to do all 4 in 2014 and so I did!

As with this time of year the weather has been gradually feeling more autumnal the cold at Barnsley and the almost continuous rain at Rotherham which makes you think of really how tough it must be to sleep rough. As with my experience from last year and this year it has again make me think of how tough it must be to make the decision that sleeping outside is a safer choice than your own home must be an awful set of circumstances to be in. I just hope that the time that everyone has donated goes in some way to help prevent children having to sleep rough as means of escape from truly horrible circumstances.

Next year I will attempt to do all of them again and would encourage anyone to do just 1 in 2015. ┬áBring on 2015 and lets raise more money to help fund the brilliant work that is done at [email protected]

Anyone wanting to still make a donation to [email protected] for the Big Sleep Outs can do so by going to clicking here.

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