Say hello to the real you

Say hello to the real you

March 21, 2013 1:30 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Ilona AlcockOne of the things I love most about JCI is that when you join, you don’t just become part of a brilliant local organisation – you become part of an amazing regional, national and international network. We are particularly lucky in JCI Sheffield to be part of a really strong region and we often see other Yorkshire members at local events. This was displayed perfectly at the recent JCI Leeds “Say Hello to the Real You” training session I attended.

Delegates were from Leeds (obviously), Sheffield and Barnsley. In fact Jenny from Barnsley was attending her first event outside her local Chamber after just a few months of membership. The event was run by Stephen Wells, past president of JCI Reading, and organised by the JCI Leeds Personal Development Director – from JCI Syria! So a pretty good mix of JCI members all keen to learn more about ourselves and how we can be better.

Delegates at Real You.jpgThat attitude certainly helped to make the course a success but I honestly can’t imagine anyone who would not benefit from the “Say Hello to the Real You” workshop. The content (which I will not give away) encourages you to assess yourself – your strengths, your weakness and the labels you put on yourself – in a new way. But it is Stephen’s approach and skill in facilitating the workshop that really makes it something special.

Stephen regularly draws on personal examples to show the impact this process and have, and how improving one area of our lives can dramatically improve others. He has a natural talent for putting people at ease and encouraging them to share personal reflections, whilst always allowing delegates to keep their insights private.

It’s now been just over a week since I attended and I have already started to put changes in place as a result of the course. The tools and techniques I learnt in the workshop will certainly be used regularly in the future and I look forward to getting to know the “real me” better!


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