Stickle Bricks??

Stickle Bricks??

February 27, 2012 6:50 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Did anyone think they’d be coming to a JCI event, then spending an hour playing with Stickle bricks??

Well that’s what a few found themselves doing recently at a JCI personal development session on Lean Thinking… Dan Senter and James Alcock (our very own JCI Trainers) gave an overview of the basics of lean thinking. Attendees were shown the 5 lean principles the 7 wastes before being given the chance to put this learning straight into practice.

As a team they were tasked with using lean to dramatically improve performance in production of a stickle brick figure through a simple production line. By looking for the 7 wastes and working as a team they finally managed to work out some ways to improve and ended the session on a high having successfully completed the task!! Hopefully we’ll start to see some of these principles now being put into practice in the home and at work… As we move in to 2012 we’ll be looking to run more advanced courses on improvement techniques so keep checking JCI Sheffield for details!


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