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Shoot Better Videos for Social Media

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Event Type: Training
Venue: The Workstation, Conference Room 2
Date: 17th Oct, 2017
Time: 18:30pm
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To get the attention of your customers or follows, you need to produce excellent content. Pictures are good, but video is king of content. A lot of people are put off by video, thinking it's too expensive to get started with and you need high skill levels to edit. In this session, we're going to prove those assumptions wrong. Using nothing but your Smart Phone, you will leave this session knowing how to plan, film, edit and publish videos quickly and cheaply with no more equipment than your smart phone.

The Session will be run by Ben Hawley, a Business Start Up Adviser who's speciality is Strategy and Marketing. Over the years, he has worked with many different businesses to reach more customers and many campaigns have been anchored around video. His clients have ranged from sole trader builders and plumbers, through to companies launching new products internationally. Most recently, one company he has worked with has successfully gain invested through the TV programme Dragons Den.