JCI Sheffield provides development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change

Junior Chamber International (JCI) Sheffield is a voluntary, member-led organisation for people aged 18 to 40 which belongs to a worldwide federation of active citizens. There are over 250,000 active JCI members in over 100 countries.

JCI Sheffield strives to provide our members with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, social responsibility, entrepreneurship and fellowship necessary to create positive change in an upbeat, positive and encouraging atmosphere.

Our calendar is packed full of exciting and challenging events ranging from Public Speaking Training & Competitions to talks from leading entrepreneurs to International Conferences to our quarterly New Members' Evenings! There's so much to get involved with and the potential to grow your skill base and network is huge - our members are always referring to JCI Sheffield as the "best kept secret" that they wished they'd found earlier!

Council team » 2017 JCI Sheffield Council Team.jpg

Left to Right: Gabriele (Community Director), Natalie (Business & Partnerships Director)

Neal (President), Gareth (Immediate Past President), Lucy (Communications Director),

Anne (Events & Training Director)


There is a council team, elected by and acting on behalf of members, which meets every month to discuss the Chambers' activities, feedback on any member comments and generally work together to make the chamber more representative of its members.

Anyone member can join the Council Team by expressing interest to one of the directors.

For more information see: Meet our Council team, Events Calendar or join us on Facebook and Twitter. We hope to see you soon!